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Clay Processing Technologies & Solutions

Ricosima is an engineering company specializing in the building material industries.


Based on past accomplishments and experiences, Ricosima is a worldwide leader for the design of manufacturing plants for the production of soft and stiff extruded clay products such as perforated common and facing bricks, hollow bricks, pavers, interlocking roof tiles and sewerage clay pipes.


Ricosima has the ability through its own network to provide engineering services to deal with any project in the building material industry.


Ricosima’s activity is focused on two basic missions:


1. EPC activity (Engineering, Procurement, Construction). This means,

it does not own and operate equipment manufacturing facilities, but

Ricosima can put together alliances with key equipment suppliers on

each individual project and/or market.


2. Service activity, supporting the customer on a complete and sustained

basis: surveys of plants and feasibility studies, after sales services,

up-grade and renovation projects as well as innovation projects.


The business model of Ricosima places the customer at the center of its attention. The customer’s requirement is the beginning of Ricosima’s activity and commitment, and the solution to this need is the ultimate goal.


Based in Singapore, Ricosima is ready to conduct business to the fullest anywhere in Asia and the Middle East.


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Business Model
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Area of Core Competencies:
· Project Management
· Process Knowledge
· Grinding Plant/Forming and Shaping Facilities
· Dryers and Kilns
· Product Handling and Car Handling Equipment
· Electrical/Computer Control
· Customer Support